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Welcome to LA Ingram Photography which is now located in Bloomington, Indiana. Photography is something I greatly enjoy and I hope to convey that in all my photos. I just love being as creative as I can with a camera, some Photoshop & graphic use thrown in too. Oh, and I LOVE color! You may see samples of my work listed on the right side of the webpage under "Link Favs".
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana

At the beginning of this week, the family and I went to visit Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana, to catch some of the fall foliage before it's all gone. It has probably been at least ten years since our last visit her so it had been a while.

We walked a trail that went completely around the nature center and toward the end of our walk, I snapped this pic on my iPhone. Love all the color here!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Parke County Covered Bridge Festival

 Last Friday we all made our annual trip to the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County...time limited so I'll post more photos later. =)

The Leaves are Changing in Southern Indiana

I haven't had time to edit many pics lately, but this one was on my phone and accessible. This last Tuesday we took a drive down through Harding Ridge to see how much the trees had changed since leaving a week ago. All the camp hosts had to leave a week early due to the government shutdown. The weather was a bit dreary and drizzly, but it was nice to get out and take a drive with the pups. 

Here is one of the pics taken on the overlook to Lake Monroe. We enjoyed our little drive through Hardin Ridge and reflected on the many wonderful memories with family and friends in our five months of living in this beautiful place. I love seeing fall in southern Indiana!